Insulin Pump: Pros and Cons

INSULIN PUMP: pros and cons

What is an insulin pump?

First of all what is an insulin pump?

Well without get too technical is basically a device which continuously delivers a set amount of background insulin throughout the day and night. You then just add your extra insulin before meal using the pump.

Insulin flows into your body through a tiny tube which needs to be changed every 3 days along with the cartridge.


What do we use?

Personally we use Tandem T:slim X2 associated with a Dexcom G6.
We have been using it since 2019 (basal Iq since 2020) and recently we were able to start using the Control IQ (a closed loop that manages both highs and lows).

Let’s have a closer look at what are the pros and cons:

Pros & Cons

Let’s have a closer look at what are the pros and cons:

 let’s start with the good things, PROS:

  • Insulin pumps, especially with closed loop, a sensor and the right training, can really improve Diabetes control.

  • Using an insulin pump makes meals or activities more easily manageable. For example you can lower or increase your basal whenever you need it or split or extend the bolus in case of meals with more fats or prolonged.

  • It is possible to give different amounts of insulin during the day, for example different basal or different carbs ratio.

  • Having an insulin pump reduces the number of injections. Instead if 3+ a day the cannula is changed every 3 days or sooner if needed.

Now let’s have a look to the CONS:

  • Tandem t:slim like all the other insulin pumps is very visible and people will notice it(injections are more discreet and not visible).

  • Our insulin pump has got a tube which makes it even more visible and not everyone likes it. The tube can also be caught on things and lead to a malfunction of the cannula.

  • If there is a malfunction with the pump, a problem with the cannula or air in the tube there is a low risk of ketoacidosis.

  • There is a potential risk of allergic reaction to the adhesive.


We find the insulin pump a better choice for our lifestyle and so far we’re happy with our choice.

Each situation can be different one another so before making any choice talk to your team and decide together what’s best for you!


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