5 Free Walks In Oxfordshire

5 free walks in oxfordshire


Kingston Bagpuize Millennium Green

This little nature reserve is the perfect place to spend a nice and relaxing afternoon. The young explorers can enjoy a beautiful mosaic hunt or trying to find their way through a little maze (yes, there is a maze too!) while the adults can have a lovely walk without loosing sight of them (the walking path is a sort of ring around the park so it’s easy to keep everything under control).

The area is very clean and well maintained, with a lot of picnic tables here and there.

This really is a little gem and for sure one of our favourite places to go when we’re home and just want to relax.

For further information visit: www.bagpuizegreen.com

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Wychwood Wild Garden

If you like water, flowers and animals, then this is the place for you!

This small wood is very quiet and perfect for a walk.

When you enter you’re welcomed by ducks that are not scared by people and come very close, so you can bring some food for them too (remember that bread is not good for ducks so better bring some oats, birdseeds or frozen peas)!

Going on during the path you can enjoy watching the beautiful flowers and their different colours, especially in spring when Daffodils and Bluebells are everywhere!

If your little ones like to climb and to build, there are a lot of different trees and dens and they can find lots of sticks and logs on the floor so they can also try and build one themselves.

It’s owned by a local charity, supported by volunteers and open all the year round.

For further information visit: www.wychwoodwildgarden.org.uk

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Faringdon Folly Tower

This is a short walk into the woodlands very close to the town centre of Faringdon in which we can find attractions for everyone.

For people who want to know more about the past, this walk it’s full of history and interesting historical facts:

Folly Tower is a 100ft tower built in the 1930s and it said that is the last folly tower built in England (you can find history display boards around the woods).
It is surrounded by 4 acres of woodland on Folly Hill, so it’s perfect if you want to relax, you can do so sitting on a bench in front of a beautiful view of the hills and the different counties.

Folly Hill Tower is also very interesting for children and family because children can enjoy some time running around and climbing trees but also follow the trail of wooden sculptures which are hidden in the woods!

The tower is open the 1st and the 3rd Sundays from April to October, 11am-5pm and it’s completely free.

For further information visit: www.faringdonfolly.org.uk

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Minster Lovell

In this 3.5 miles walk you can sure find something that suits your taste!

It’s a circular path passing through meadows, forests, bridges and even old ruins where you can relax and have a nice picnic while the youngest can play around.

Be careful because part of it can be quite muddy and slippery.

If you’re looking for a pub where to stop and refresh halfway Crawley can surely provide you that.  

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Lechlade is one of our favourites!

It offers you a nice walk along the Thames among with lots of water activities (you can rent a canoe, a SUP or even a nice flamingo/swan boat!) or just chill out on the grass surrounding the area

Lechlade is a nice village with pubs and summer festivals and will sure make your day! 

For further information about water activities visit: https://www.cotswoldcanoehire.co.uk

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