5 Best Places in Yorkshire

5 best places in yorkshire



York is a beautiful city and you can not miss it if you’re going to Yorkshire.

York has been a walled city since the Romans but its walls are still walkable and in good condition. You can walk on them around the city centre and enjoy a beautiful view.

The city has also been one of the most famous viking dominion and of you like vikings and their history there is a wonderful museum to visit.

The shambles and the shambles market are something not to miss which are open 7 days a week all year round and you can find all sorts of things. Wandering around you can also enjoy the view of York Minster with its gothic style towers, one of the largest of its kind in Northern Europe.

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This beautiful town is surely one of our favourite and has lots to offer!

If you visit Whitby you will not be disappointed, especially if you are a fan of Bram Stoker, as it’s here that Dracula was born. You can visit the bench where it is said the Bram Stoker was inspired.

Walking around Whitby you can go and visit St.Mary’s church and the magnificent Whitby Abbey after having climbed the challenging 199 steps.

Another thing that is worth a visit is the whalebone arch which allows you to see the abbey and the church on the opposite cliff.

Keep an eye on the website as in winter there might be an ice skating rink where you can enjoy skating for a couple of hours.

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This is a beautiful seaside town, full of things to do. It has beautiful sandy beaches (North Bay and South Bay) where you can enjoy a relaxing day while the children can play on the sand.

You can also visit Scarborough’s Castle and have a walk on the battlements.

The Harbour and the lighthouse are also worth a visit and there are a lot of seafood restaurants, if you like fresh fish.

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Robin Hood's Bay

This is a small but picturesque fishing village. 

It’s beautiful to walk through its narrow street and to wander on its lovely sandy beaches, discovering fossils or hiking. Robin Hood’s bay has lots of shops, cafés and restaurants and it’s very close to Whitby and Scarborough.

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Horcum Dike

If you like hiking you can miss this beautiful spot!

This place is particular because due to erosion, the plateau now forms a bowl and it’s surrounded by numerous footpath were you can enjoy a wonderful view!

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